Over the last two and a half years, Ashley and I have felt your overwhelming love and support. As Kellie Rynn’s parents, our love is so pronounced that we want to see her light shine over the entire state of South Carolina. We are very excited to announce some positive changes in Kellie Rynn Academy in order to reach our dreams!

Kellie Rynn Academy’s Board of Directors, with our full blessing, has elected to direct our focus away from remodeling existing buildings, and instead concentrate on developing funds for scholarships for low income and deserving children at existing state of the art academies in Greenville County. The Board has decided to respond to the mission of the academy to provide the highest levels of safety, diversity and access to low-income families, as well as other “ in need” families, by changing the effort which involves renovating an existing structure and maintaining the operations budget of an all new facility.  Much more good, much more quickly, can be realized using existing Greenville County partners who welcome the elevation of the safety we wish to bring, as well as become open to diversity and to including children of all economic backgrounds. 

It is our hope that you are in agreement with this direction of Kellie Rynn Academy and recognize that it is a more efficient manner of conducting the mission.  We believe this mission can be undertaken quickly with our partners. Kellie Rynn Academy will remain a separate board with the purposes of establishing the criteria, maintaining and interviewing local facilities for credibility and safety, as well as our committing to parent, grandparent and teacher training, so that this carefully monitored criteria can raise the level of infant care throughout Greenville County.  

We recognize you have graciously donated precious funds to Kellie Rynn Academy and if the refocused effort of our mission causes you to reconsider your donation, please contact us and we will refund your contribution.  It is our prayer that you will agree with this refocused concept and think that it is wise and remain a partner with us.

We sincerely hope you join us in our joy and excitement as we begin this positive refocused effort. Our mission continues to remain the same, that is to provide the safest childcare for low income children, as well as other “ in need” families.  Thank you again for your love and support and we can’t wait to see our impact on South Carolina in the near future.

All our love,
Kathryn and Ashley Martin