Every day as an ER nurse I experienced the difference between a save and a loss.  The difference of course was whether the patient had effective CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and how soon advanced cardiac life support measures were available to them.  Save and loss comes down to the rescuer and if they had the knowledge and the skills to save a life.  

As the years rolled on, I realized there was a need for childcare providers and preschools to receive high quality education in health and safety from people like me.  Those of us who knew how to teach and deliver the material without scaring the participants and have them freeze at the moment they needed the skills the most.  I became that person over time, and I have developed friendships and relationships that will be with me forever.  I became that person that knew how to engage with these beautiful people who cared for the children in our community and bring out the best in them and instill courage to do what they needed to do should they be faced with the unthinkable.  Last year we trained 850 people, and while that number seems large, it does not even scratch the surface of the people who still need it. 

My journey as an American Heart life support trainer has carried me into many situations, but none was as important to me as teaching the Kellie Rynn Martin family.  Many of you know her story but the facts are she was placed in an unsafe sleep position and died at the age of 3 months in a family home setting where the rules were broken (too many to write about) and no one knew CPR.  Many of us questioned how can that be?  How can you be responsible for the lives and well being of small helpless children and not know lifesaving skills?  It happens every day that people caring for our kids, whether they are in school or a family provider home, do not know how to help our children.  

Be the difference.  Come and learn with us and be the example!!  Not everyone can be resuscitated as sometimes CPR is not enough, but in Kellie Rynn’s case, this could have been so different, and she could be a 2-year-old getting ready to welcome her little brother to her family.  

For more information about classes and how to become certified in CPR and First Aid please feel free to email us at Julie.jensen1996@gmail.com or call me at 864-346-0173 and we can talk about your needs and how we can help you.  

Julie Jensen, CEO Jensen and Associates, LLP